Amazing Science™ VIDEO LESSONS

Amazing Science™ is an established enrichment program with a very wide range of STEM, STEAM and science activities. Amazing Science students improve critical thinking skills and general science knowledge through a wide variety of kid-pleasing science experiments, hands-on activities, and demonstrations, in scientific subjects such as chemistry, physics, geology, biology, engineering, and more!

Now we are creating pre-recorded lessons for your child(ren) to enjoy, whenever you like, in the comfort of your home!

Each Amazing Science video lesson will include:

  • An interesting lesson presentation designed especially for children of grades K-6
  • printable and on-screen instructions for one or more lesson-related activities that can be done at home
  • In addition, for each lesson, we will provide ideas for home-based extension activities and/or links to related material online.
  • The total duration of video + activities for each lesson will be in the target range of 30-60 minutes.


FREE LESSON!: The Science of Hand-Washing

Touching on the human microbiome and the world of microbes, this fun video lesson examines the science of handwashing. It includes hands-on activities that promote good handwashing techniques, using supplies commonly found in a typical home.

Access is password protected in order to comply with copyright restrictions — for long-in information, please contact us — there is no sales pitch, and no strings!