The Amazing Science curriculum is specifically designed to advance students in science, and includes scientific methodology and critical thinking skills that will serve as the foundation for all future learning.

Curriculum is age appropriate: older students lessons are more advanced and complex. Many topics are from the 5th through 12th grade California State curriculum; others are college level subjects adjusted for k thru 8 grade comprehension.

The Amazing Science Curriculum


Amazing Science has the widest range of STEM/STEAM and science lessons and activities of any Marin County enrichment program, as well as Marin County’s most experienced after-school science teachers!

Amazing Science students improve their critical thinking skills and general science knowledge through a wide variety of age-appropriate, kid-pleasing science topics. Participants experience real science experiments, hands-on activities, and demonstrations in scientific subjects such as chemistry, physics, geology, biology, engineering, and many others! Curriculum is age appropriate, scaled to the age and abilities of each group. All materials are included.

A Broad Selection of Topics AND LESSONS:

With over 15 years of experience teaching science programs, Amazing Science now offers more than 130 different, original science lessons for K thru 8th grade students! We revise lessons continuously, and create new, exciting lessons frequently.

That means our wonderful team of teachers can inspire love of learning and science in children for up to three years of continuous participation, without using the same lesson twice!

A few examples of our many subject areas and lesson topics are listed below.

The Amazing Science curriculum includes a wide range of topics:

Physics - Waves, laws of motion, gravity, refraction, mirrors, rainbows, optical illusions.

Chemistry - Water testing labs, polymer science, kitchen chemistry, crime forensics.

Biology - Human senses, human digestion, owls, frogs, honey bees, top predators, insects.

Electricity - Lightning, static electricity, electronic circuits, electrostatics, electromagnetism.

Botany - Carnivorous plants, soil science lab, chocolate & vanilla, flower anatomy.

Paleontology - Dig lessons include fossils, dinosaur fossils, ocean fossils, gemstones .

Geology - Volcanos, earthquakes, rocks & minerals, geodes, crystals, gold panning.

Marine Life - Ocean zones and diversity, benthic macro-invertibrates lab, salmon lifecycle.

Natural History - Native skills, natural plant dyes, rock art around the world.